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who needs a calf?

no i don’t own a calf that goes moo, but I did tear my calf muscle. who needs it right?

well apparently, if you ever want to stand flat footed or walk heel-toe, a calf is important.

this is way worse then my broken toe.

right now, i’ve been to the ER twice in the past two years. it’s like reliving my years as a child being accident prone and sport injury proned. it sucks.

unlike my broken toe injury this torn calf muscle was not alcohol induced. thank goodness. actually i was playing volleyball. only the third time i’ve played vball this season and the first time i’ve played indoor in years. needless to say I’m slightly pissed off at this. I had finally gotten back into the groove of running. i had found my happy place. i was falling in love with it. now this.  I’m out 5-6 weeks from running. hopefully i’ll be walking in 10-14 days. currently i’m hobbling. no crutches. no cane. it’s a slow go.

i must admit FilmGuy was pretty awesome. he answered his phone when i call [which isn’t necessarily a given depending on what he’s up to and whether he actually hears it ring] and he came right away picked me up and took me to the ER at St. Paul’s Hospital. The only downtown hospital. It wasn’t too busy for a Tuesday evening. Arrived at 8:45pm left at 10:00pm without my discharge papers….whoops. Oh well. I remember what the Doctor said except for the name of the anti-inflammatory shot that he had the nurse give me. The needle was HUGE and my arm was stinging for about a minute…. “holy mother of god” is pretty much what I kept saying while rolling my eyes.

So now I am Resting, Iceing, Colding [?], Elevating my leg, even while at work, and have scheduled a physio appt for tomorrow morning…too soon? but for the first 24 hours…just chilling and relaxing. Now. if I could only flex my foot.

good thing it’s September and Fall TV is starting.