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one year ago today…

one year ago today FilmGuy and I met.

it has been a crazy year of ups and downs in our personal lives and lets face it, making our relationship work, considering we both got laid off and we moved in together only after three or so months of dating, life has been full of surprises. not to mention my encounters with the utmost negative people in the whole wide world [I don’t want to go into it again unfortunately because those peeps still find my blog interesting I think still….and I don’t think I have the post anymore, nonetheless they are no longer present in my world].

Overall, this past year has been absolutely fantastic. all the moments of doubts of who i live with are so small in comparison to the laughter I have everyday. Everyday. How many people can say they laugh everyday and smile everyday? It is finally great to be apart of such an elite group.

I hope everyone takes the opportunity this month to smile for no reason.

As the month of May continues and I head into my 31st birthday with better friends and the love of my life, I honestly can say that I’m surrounded by great people and that even though my realistic slant of the world is still in view, they still stand by me and support me and are there fore me no matter what. That, is true friendship and true love.

In the meantime I’ll work on my grammer and capitalization, but quite frankly I need to go to bed so I can get up early and tackle a new week.

Here’s wishing everyone some love in their life and to be thankful for that someone who makes you laugh, makes you cry and makes you want to punch him in the gut every once in awhile. I find it comforting, to a degree, to have someone in my life that evokes such emotion from me.