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who needs a calf?

no i don’t own a calf that goes moo, but I did tear my calf muscle. who needs it right?

well apparently, if you ever want to stand flat footed or walk heel-toe, a calf is important.

this is way worse then my broken toe.

right now, i’ve been to the ER twice in the past two years. it’s like reliving my years as a child being accident prone and sport injury proned. it sucks.

unlike my broken toe injury this torn calf muscle was not alcohol induced. thank goodness. actually i was playing volleyball. only the third time i’ve played vball this season and the first time i’ve played indoor in years. needless to say I’m slightly pissed off at this. I had finally gotten back into the groove of running. i had found my happy place. i was falling in love with it. now this.  I’m out 5-6 weeks from running. hopefully i’ll be walking in 10-14 days. currently i’m hobbling. no crutches. no cane. it’s a slow go.

i must admit FilmGuy was pretty awesome. he answered his phone when i call [which isn’t necessarily a given depending on what he’s up to and whether he actually hears it ring] and he came right away picked me up and took me to the ER at St. Paul’s Hospital. The only downtown hospital. It wasn’t too busy for a Tuesday evening. Arrived at 8:45pm left at 10:00pm without my discharge papers….whoops. Oh well. I remember what the Doctor said except for the name of the anti-inflammatory shot that he had the nurse give me. The needle was HUGE and my arm was stinging for about a minute…. “holy mother of god” is pretty much what I kept saying while rolling my eyes.

So now I am Resting, Iceing, Colding [?], Elevating my leg, even while at work, and have scheduled a physio appt for tomorrow morning…too soon? but for the first 24 hours…just chilling and relaxing. Now. if I could only flex my foot.

good thing it’s September and Fall TV is starting.



the massive slow-down

wow…so I guess my life has experienced a bit of a slow down. no. more like slamming head first into a brick wall.

It’s been almost three months since that fateful day at the end of July informing me that there isn’t any work for me.

Since then it has been a bit of a roller coaster of emotions and moving. And now there are only a few boxes left that I’m not sure what the heck to do with and a myriad of stuff I want to sell…but don’t want to sell?? I’ve applied to as many jobs as I believe that I could do above and beyond, I’ve applied for jobs that would be ridiculously boring and I’ve applied for jobs that I have no chance in hell of getting. It is tough out there. Some of the responses that I have received have mentioned “thanks for your response to our advertisement. We had over 200 applications for this position…”

It’s been difficult to stay sane, busy, and motivated. Not to mention injuries. My recurring, pain-in-the-ass shoulder injury.  This has slow-downed the running movement. Gosh, I wish I wasn’t injured so much. 10 plus years of crazy childhood athletics would do that to a girl. Now nothing works correctly. It’s very frustrating. But the shoulder….the shoulder is borderline “frozen” and that is not a good thing. So now I”m going to have to cough out money to go to physio so I can return to running/walking/volleyball/anything active what so ever.

For now. I sit in front of my computer, trying to move things forward on a website and other projects that aren’t really that exciting for the most part.

It’s a massive slow-down right now and I”m doing everything in my power to resist the urge to ditch all my stuff into storage and take off and be a bum. [although appealing, there are pretty good aspects of my life on the go right now]. I also know that NewMan wouldn’t be too thrilled if I just up and left and if he wasn’t coming with me, it wouldn’t be as fun.