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I’m Home

Well my time in the Yukon has finished and I am home. Shopping up a storm, hanging with friends, and spending time with D.

I was pretty lucky to leave the camp at all! The weather was starting to change and my bossman suggested I leave a day early and drive from Mayo to Whitehorse. That’s 4.5 hours. Driving. A Ford Pick up truck. Standard. Now, I don’t regularly drive standard and it’s been awhile since driving it, however, I wasn’t going to let on I wasn’t up to the task. So I did it. Took the one hour flight Tuesday evening to Mayo. Left at noon on Wednesday for Whitehorse. Got there around 5 than waited for my plane.

Although the drive was long, it was through beautiful countryside. The leaves had started to turn a beautiful shade of yellow and orange amongst the historic forest fire areas. The juxtiposition of the old and new was breath taking. Fall colours are amazing.

D was great and picked me up at the airport at 10pm even though he had to wake up at 4:30am. Yup. I’m a lucky gal 🙂 I did kind of stink too…7 hours of travel will do that to a person.

Now I sit here, admiring my home and figuring out where I’m going to move too as well as admiring my purchases. I Heart Shoes 🙂



Day 108 – Dare I Jinx Myself?

Well…dare I say it? Dare I possibly raise a pox on my departure date?

I am to leave on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No…I’m not excited about this at all.

I have invited friends to come say “hey hey” to me next Saturday after noon at a local bar – Malone’s if they are unable to attend the “lets get me smasharooed” at the Royal that night. Now…it is short notice and a few friends are making the time to be there, most are maybes. I forgot that the world was moving fast in the city while I was away. Possibly I didn’t give enough time for my peeps to organize their life. However, I’m swamped after next weekend. It’s really quite silly.

OH I honestly cannot wait to start my life….again. First thing is first. Organize/clean the apartment! aka. Declutter. Apparently my mom cleaned my apt while I was gone???? This is scary as she is notorious for shopping at the dollar store and thinking certain items would be fantastic in my apt. Knowing my luck there will be more plastic flowers, another tacky PURPLE sunburst mirror and another flower bowl. [only a picture will do that one justice]. So i will ‘declutter’ and purge the stuff that is not…shall we say….Jewels appropriate?? and move on.

Apartment hunting! 1 bedroom at a non-excrutiating painful price here i come! i might be looking forever on this one. Friends are helping me out…but still…it’s my call. *sigh* apt. hunting is hard.

Needless to say. D is very happy that I’m coming home a week earlier. He has a new work schedule so every other month his weekends will now be filled with a 9-5 shift. Me coming home earlier…means two weekends with him and I 🙂

I was suppose to head up to the loops to see my best gal pal on the last weekend in Sept. but alas, our schedules never seem to match and we will have to reschedule. It’s hard when we all grow up and get our own lives. I do miss having my best pals around to hang out with. It’s hard to make sincere, really good friends in the city. Luckily I have some that have no problem comitting themselves to getting me drunk on a Saturday night!


Day 105 – Geek Speak as the Carrot is Taken Away

A little carrot was dangled in front of me two weeks ago with the suggestion that I could leave earlier than the end of September as this is the 21st century and not the middle ages as we do have internet…sometimes…when the satellite router and the other two routers we have set up in our non-conventional peer to peer network want to or rather…feel…like working.

Now that carrot was taken away early monday morning [Day 103]. Bossman determined with GISguru in Vancouver that since our network does not have remote access, how would I work with the data? Fair question. My answer. Email the compilations and solutions to them leaving the Yukon “server” as the main database. However I would maintain the recent Access database as the THE database. Not that hard from my point of view as there isn’t a lot of new data coming in except data results. However, it’s not my decision.

Contrary to this itty bitty rant, I do like my job. I like what I do. I like working with the data and making it easier for those to use it. Organizing the data makes sense to me. I also like making maps, making them “pretty” or useful rather. Also, I am learning about rocks. I like my employer and the bossman…just don’t dangle a carrot and taketh away.

After work hours I’m extremely bored. Alas I write this during the 8-5 day? The comment was made “you have to make your own fun”. True, sure, sounds good…but five months of making your own fun? There is only so much cards, ping pong, frisbee, horseshoes, and hacky sack soccer you can play. There is only so many nights that you want to have a drink, as there are only so many days you want to work with a hangover!

I’m just bored and tired of this stint/challenge of living in the Yukon. Remember, I love my work and my career choice…just not sure about the location. I guess the adventure part has worn off? Not sure as to why. It’s not like I want it to snow shitloads and get stuck out here. Noone needs that much of an adventure.

Next year – going to make sure there is a remotely accessible server. That way, I can work from the office more frequently esp. with the data managing.


I think it’s Day 102…

Math has never been my strong suit. I think I’ve mentioned that before. However, when it comes to counting how long i’ve been here at Copper Point Camp. I think I’ve lost count entirely. Sure I could look at the excel project timeline spreadsheet to see my tally…but seriously…what’s the fun in that?

Seriously though. I think it’s time for me to come home. I have some things to work out with the parental unit that she doesn’t realize continue past the conversation that ended in an argument. Currently the maternal parental unit is way too happy and phony to realize that she has finally once and for all pissed me off and I no longer have the want to depend on her for anything. Unfotunately, there are somethings that mothers are good for. I will do my best not to take her up on any offers. It’s the easy way out in some situations.

So I must return to do deal with that. Also I want to move into a one bedroom apt. I feel it’s time for me to grow up. I have to sell off the plotters that I currently have…any takers? Get rid of my computer desk, sell off some of the computer stuff that I don’t need nor want…as I just bought a laptop. YAY! Love shopping through the internet and thanks to my pal the “pissedoffweddingplanner” whose company was selling them off. So its a good deal that I can live with.

I am looking to move downtown I think. Most of my pals are there and my absent brother and sister-in-law to be apparently live there too. Although there is little visitor parking, it is easy for D to get to by skytrain from
BBY. Plus I work downtown…I would love a 20 min walk to work rather than a 45-60min walk. But we will see. I might not be able to find anything suitable in my price range, but I’m spending more money taking a bus and cabs back and forth from downtown, that moving there might subsidize it.

Time will tell and I’m anxious to get started on all this stuff. Hence when the bossman gets back into camp today, I think he and I will determine when to leave. I’m hoping for next Sunday [that way I get an extra weekend of pay in] he might push for this Wednesday as I’m noticeably losing my mind, temper and cool at the drop of the hat.

I’m done.


Day 92 – The Home Stretch

Well…the end is near. Hard to believe really. I am suppose to stick it out to the end of September, however upon consulting with my boss, my skills and abilities can be just as useful if I were in Vancity. Not a whole lot of new data coming in and although there is still work to do, I can just as easily do it in Vancity. I have a few loose ends to wrap up and it looks like I’ll be here until at least the 12th of Sept. 13 days away. Now…I’m not holding my breath. Anything can happen. Anything can change. If anyone starts to go out into the field again, it might not be condusive for me to leave.

Ultimately, I’m torn about returning to the city. I’m not sure if I’m ready to give up the extra mula from missing those two weekends. However, sanity is important, as well as getting back to civilization and a ‘normal’ life? Money isn’t everything is it?
Incase you didn’t see it before….the scenerey is something quite spectacular.

Day 79 out of 118

6.5 weeks
39 days
and that’s about as good as my math gets 🙂

So i’m working like a dog and making some good progress. Managing the data and makeing it easy…so much so that who knows if they even need a person to do this job next summer….so since I’m on contract who knows if it’s going to be renewed for next year and who knows if I would even want to come back.

IN the meantime I will continue to have a look around and see what options there are out there. I know there is a job available right now that I wouldn’t mind applying for, but am unable to do so as I am still in the middle of nowhere, Yukon, Canada.

Did I mention that it is also cold here now…not snowing…but pretty darn close. I might soon be living in a winter wonderland.

I might need more alcohol.


Day 72 – Back after my second Break

So I buggered off for a bit to take my second break from the Copper Point Camp and now I’m back with little enthusiasm and a wish to make time fly. It is not that I don’t like my job or the people I work with…it’s the fact that this is a lifestyle that hasn’t grown on me like I thought it would. Therefore i can’t wait to get home to my life, to search for new apartment that actually isn’t a studio, figure out what my next career move will be. I don’t think I want to do 5 months in the Yukon again. But I keep flip flopping on that decision. It depends on way too many unknown factors.

Until that time, I am here wanting to work, but for now might take a nap to get rid of this headache. I am a recovering vacation-aholic. Where drinks were aplenty and sleep was limited. D and I spent most of my 10 day break together. He took his vacation time off to be with me. We went to Whistler and did skylining/ziptrekking or whatever you want to call it. Basically strap yourself in a harness and fire yourself across a valley between two trees on a steel cable. Totally Fun. We also had a round of golf…drunk mini golf to be precise. It was a fun time, although short. We also attended a wedding and our table [Table 21] was the rowdiest of the bunch. It was fantastic.

All in all, the break was fantastic. I already miss D so much as well as the life and style of the big city! This tent city stuff really isn’t my thing. I love my shoes and miss them dearly.

Off for a nap I go…