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The Universe and I

For now I hold my collective breath.

There is no separating the teams. The space to do so was not granted. But who knows. I’m not holding my breath. It could still happen.

Currently however, the universe and I are having a differing opening on how life should be for me. This year has been jammed packed with good, bad and ugly. I simply cannot wait for 2012 or the universe to let me win the lottery.

Here’s a quick run down of the good, bad and ugly as I see it, this is really more for me than you.

January 2011 – nye was boring and all FilmGuys’ planning of boring and unromantic. My nana passed away later that month.

February to May 2011 was pretty steady of new friends, too much drinking, learning some graphic stuff and me bored at my job.

June 2011 – all in a span of 7 days – FilmGuy and I decided to break, I packed my stuff, ran my friends wedding, had a job interview, decided between two job offers, quite my job, co-workers friend died in a motorcycle accident and I attended the funeral, moved all my stuff into storage and couched surfed and house hunted.

July 2011 to August 2011 – lived in ttown at my nana’s place for six weeks and commuted to my new job. Met a new set of girls whom are in the same place of life as I am and offered their couch if needed as opposed to the bride and groom whose wedding I ran and their inability to have a heart. All this while dealing with FilmGuy and the fallout of me leaving our lives together before he returned from his work trip and having him text/email awful things that no person should be subject too. Plus, bird shit everywhere. All over my car and on me.

Sept. 2011 – all spare income and savings went to buying furniture and rent and movers. FilmGuy and I started couples counselling – still not sure the direction of that. broke a tooth and still don’t have my benefits sorted at work. Stupid people at work who rather gossip and chat than say work. I like what I’m doing, too bad the environment is more gossip girl/the apprentice than real life. My new girls are a lot of fun and the more brunch time with them the better.

Oct. 2011 – my car was the subject of a hit and run – insurance is only giving me $500 for $2000 worth of damage and the idiot stick who hit me wanted to settle privately to which I said…”ummm….no, you hit my car and ran and the only reason i have your number is because of the police. what planet do you live on?”. I still don’t have my benefits sorted for my broken tooth. i had to buy new jeans and still need new pants, but I’m still paying off the whole “buy new furniture” aspect so the money thing is tough and I’m still adjusting to the new rent I pay. Had the girls over to “warm” up my place and enjoy some vino. I enjoyed too much champers and vino. My work pants ripped  along the seam while at work – good thing i don’t talk to people.  FilmGuy and I had a break through three weekends ago.  I started going to the gym at 6am, because after work is for drinks with colleagues and/or friends.

November so far….xmas holidays to anywhere but here are being planned with FilmGuy – yes I’m nervous about this, it’s probably not a good idea, but to be honest he’s been absolutely lovely the past four weeks and if I don’t give it a try I may never forgive myself. Counselling and him being more open allows me to communicate so why not continue with planning to go away for Christmas. Also the girls and I have planned and booked and paid for our trip in February. Cabo.

There have also been this that and the other….all with the universe shelling out shit in my direction. I really would like it to be more positive now. Until then I’m hibernating. Going to the gym, work, then home. Rarely am I venturing out.

I would like to venture out. this weekend I am. we will see.


fingers crossed

Fingers crossed that FilmGuy has forgotten what he wants to talk to me about. According to his twit account to the universe he did say

“I cant remember what I wanted to talk to you about?”

I”m taking that as a sign, he’ll come back next week sign the damn papers and leave me be.

Although I loved him. No dispute in that. And I still do love him. I can’t live with him and noone changes that much in 8-12 weeks without some sort of therapy and I don’t think he’s doing that.

He’s weirder then me. And that’s saying something.

Fingers crossed that I start running [for the umpteenth time] again after work. This time I have a running partner. It’s a test to see if our tempo is compatible.

Life moves on and when love breaks your heart, it doesn’t kill you.

i hate….i love….

i hate that i feel like i’m disconnected to NewMan [currently trying to re-connect as i type].

i hate that i haven’t travelled to an awesome destination since my journey to Egypt and London in 2009.

i hate that NewMan is travelling for work every couple weeks to a random place in the USA. And not the tourist destinations of USA…more like the “as seen on tv – backwater redneck hickvilles where everyone carries a gun and doesn’t know where Canada is” USA.

i love that my mother and i found sheer curtains for $9 at a second hand store.

i love that i know for the next year i don’t have to worry about eating only KD and hot dogs. stock options are great.

i love that i pay cheap rent.

i love that the home  i share with NewMan is starting to feel like our home to me. only took 1.5 years.

i love that our puppy is a part time puppy shared with his ex. this means i don’t have to deal with puppy when NewMan is away. Pros and cons.

i love that i have a job.

i love that i have made the decision to return to school and gradually learn new things [and is also a good tax deduction].

i love that my girls came over this past friday and NewMan vacated 🙂

i love that i’m able to run for 3 minutes and walk for 1 min for a total of 3 KM. i also love that i am not good at math and therefore cannot tell you how many miles that is.

so glad that there is more love than hate.

who needs a calf?

no i don’t own a calf that goes moo, but I did tear my calf muscle. who needs it right?

well apparently, if you ever want to stand flat footed or walk heel-toe, a calf is important.

this is way worse then my broken toe.

right now, i’ve been to the ER twice in the past two years. it’s like reliving my years as a child being accident prone and sport injury proned. it sucks.

unlike my broken toe injury this torn calf muscle was not alcohol induced. thank goodness. actually i was playing volleyball. only the third time i’ve played vball this season and the first time i’ve played indoor in years. needless to say I’m slightly pissed off at this. I had finally gotten back into the groove of running. i had found my happy place. i was falling in love with it. now this.  I’m out 5-6 weeks from running. hopefully i’ll be walking in 10-14 days. currently i’m hobbling. no crutches. no cane. it’s a slow go.

i must admit FilmGuy was pretty awesome. he answered his phone when i call [which isn’t necessarily a given depending on what he’s up to and whether he actually hears it ring] and he came right away picked me up and took me to the ER at St. Paul’s Hospital. The only downtown hospital. It wasn’t too busy for a Tuesday evening. Arrived at 8:45pm left at 10:00pm without my discharge papers….whoops. Oh well. I remember what the Doctor said except for the name of the anti-inflammatory shot that he had the nurse give me. The needle was HUGE and my arm was stinging for about a minute…. “holy mother of god” is pretty much what I kept saying while rolling my eyes.

So now I am Resting, Iceing, Colding [?], Elevating my leg, even while at work, and have scheduled a physio appt for tomorrow morning…too soon? but for the first 24 hours…just chilling and relaxing. Now. if I could only flex my foot.

good thing it’s September and Fall TV is starting.