The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Bucket List of Sorts

This is the original “bucket” created way back in 2011. Actually, not that long ago.

Here it is below in all it’s glory with updates. And I reserve the right to change it. At any time.

  1. Learn to speak Spanish
  2. Learn how to sail  Beginner lesson completed!
  3. New Sailing Goal – Learn to sail a catamaran
  4. Learn more graphic design concepts
  5. Learn how to use my DSLR better
  6. Learn Tennis – I took an intro lesson. I can swing a racket. Need more practice. So…amend to Practice Tennis more!
  7. Learn how to play the guitar
  8. Get better at Snowboarding
  9. Create a work portfolio
  10. Family history – where in Russia/Ukraine I am from and Go there.
  11. Do more hiking – UPDATE: rather not.
  12. Run a 10 5K consecutively (just being realistic)
  13. Have a fantastic LOVE PARTY [in lieu of wedding] – need a man first!
  14. Make new friends who aren’t having babies.
  15. Pay off  student loans
  16. Buy a new car
  17. Increase RRSP contributions
  18. Invest in a property – invested in stocks…does that count?
  19. See the sunrise at Heleakala, Maui, Hawaii
  20. Road trip to the High Arctic – MacKenzie Delta
  21. Go Whitewater rafting
  22. See an active volcano, Kona, Hawaii – Iceland?
  23. Storm watching on West Van. Island.
  24. Kayak with Killer Whales and camp under the stars in Johnstone Strait, BC.
  25. Canoeing Expedition – Quadra Island
  26. Travel Scotland – August 2013
  27. Travel Greece
  28. Travel South America
  29. Travel Switzerland
  30. Travel to Cuba
  31. New York City

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