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Glutton for Punishment

WTF was I thinking.

Jaques texted inviting me to sail his tiger hobie over the weekend…..during a race.

Now. I’m no slouch, but this was a huge step up from where I started. Basically I went from sailing a bathtub to sailing a rocket ship.

With Jacques.

all in all a bad idea.

I didn’t say much. I just tried to listen. Follow what he said. But his accent and he mumbles.

It was also racing. which I’ve never done while being at the helm. It was very stressful and high anxiety.

UGH. we don’t get along.

AND THEN….since i was “driving” i capsized us. then he wasn’t clear in explaining how to right the damn thing, and then i slipped and the harness i was wearing punctued one of the hulls.

UGH. UGH. UGH. I just wanted to give up and not even be around him. He def. doesn’t make me feel good about myself nor confident. I enjoyed being on the boat. But did not enjoy the company.

Quite frankly I think the feeling is mutual.

Never again.

We are done.

I don’t even have a desire to call him. text him.

I do have a desire to punch him.

But I refrain.

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