The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Cross one item off the bucket list!!! Well for a beginner anyways…next step sailing solo and eventually catamaran (that’s the end goal). For now I’ll sit in my glory knowing that I finally did this sailing thing. Something I wanted to do for years.

For the past seven weeks, I’ve been tacking and gybing my way in a Flying Junior (FJ) dinghy with a partner as the FJ is a two person boat.


That is not me, nor is it Vancouver. But that is the type boat I’ve learned how to sail on. I passed the course. Not entirely sure how everyone passed the course. One would think that if a person rams their boat into the dock (which we don’t even use!) because they can’t figure out how to steer away from it, they should maybe not pass the beginners course.

No, that was not me and my crew who displayed such disregard for the basics. We had successfully capsized and righted the boat twice and landed at our spit before that crew could get their sh*t together.

I digress.

Now. I just need more practice before enrolling in the Intermediate classes for September and I have the entire summer to find a person to crew while I practice at the helm.

As wind is not a constant thing here in YVR or at the Sailing club for that matter. Tomorrow I’m learning how to self rescue in a kayak so I can take those out in the event the weather is not sailing friendly. (The club I belong to has a fleet for sailing, windsurfing and kayaing).

Just another part of this summer and how I am enjoying everyday of my life. Never in my adult life have I been more busy or content with the activities I’m doing or the life that I’m leading. I just need a few extra hours of sleep so I can get the practice for the 5K run I have coming up in August. Time IS running out on that one.

Fearlessly Living!

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