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Four years ago, today in fact, I thought I cemented my future with a man. I had hopes and dreams that this man and I would be the long haul. We had each others best intentions at heart, for each other and for ourselves.  It was the best birthday gift a girl could ask.

Boy. Was I wrong. See every post about Filmguy or exes. I couldn’t have been more wrong or preoccupied with the idea that I had found my lobster.

Today, I’m single.

Living fearlessly.

Doing things that I want to do that he wouldn’t support or want to do for whatever reason.

Things that make me happy on a day to day basis.


  • I’m learning how to sail.
  • Playing so much beach volleyball I’m surprised I’m still standing (although my left leg today may have problems supporting that idea).
  • My house smells like surf and sand instead of red wine and boy.

So today I celebrate my thirtieth birthday for the fifth time and this weekend, (yes weekend, because lets be honest…I can do whatever I want), I will be attending a Mumford and Sons concert with the friends who introduced me to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros the final time FlimGuy and I broke. Tomorrow is Champagne & Plain Potato Chips day/night and Sunday I’ll be continuing to learn how to sail.

As the events of my life continue to unfold, I will be on the look out for my partner for my life. But the one thing I’ve learned as I get older and reflect, especially on the past four years. That a partner for me is not a necessity. It’s a want. I will not force it. It will happen for me as it’s supposed to from whatever social opportunities I present for myself. And I’ve never been more “meh” with the idea. Maybe even content with it, until I think about the possibility of slipping in the shower, hitting my head, ending up unconscious and unable to call for help. Then maybe the idea of someone picking up the phone to call 9-1-1 might come in handy. Or the times when you get the flu and all you want is for someone to bring you ginger-ale and saltines. Other than that. No big deal. Really.

Life is pretty darn great. Currently, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Now, will somebody gift me a housekeeper to do my laundry?

Happy thirty something Birthday to me 🙂


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  1. I pay my mom to clean my house – no joke. I figure she’s known me for 29 years, and knows that she’s probably going to pull nine pounds of hair out of my bathtub because she’s been doing it for as long as I’ve had hair. She knows where things go (because that’s how she set up the apartment) and to be honest – if I hired someone, I’d probably clean before they got there out of sheer embarrassment. I don’t feel this towards my mom lol. I figure as long as I’m paying her it’s ok.

    Also – yay for being single. Honestly. We’ve talked about our pasts and we’re better off in all aspects of life without the anchors we thought we were going to be chained to forever.

    Everything happens for a reason – and there’s going to be awesome things in store for us. I just know it!

    Happy Birthday! ❤ Leigh

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