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Well Jacques, (aka Frenchie, aka Frenchman, aka Player) and I (aka Idiot), were texting the other night, between christmas and new years. Seems one of my Merry Christmas texts got sent to him. See. IDIOT.

I said…WHOOPS, sorry for the intrusion. To which I received.

him – “it wasn’t an intrusion, in fact it was nice to hear from you”

me – huh?

him – “we should talk when I get back to town”

me – huh? about what?

him – “On why I haven’t been around.”

me – Just give it to me straight I’m a big girl.

him – “I’m perpetually busy. I’m not sure I’d make a half decent boyfriend. That’s essentially it.”

me – having a conversation is better than nothing. Who said anything about boyfriend?

(insert meaningless banter and flirting….ugh *facepalm IDIOT)

him – “I’m off to bed. I have to admit that I miss you and I hate to admit it”

me – why do you hate to admit that? Easily rectified.

him – “We can yak on the horn tomorrow if you want.”

me – on the horn? I’m not that difficult of a woman

him – “The phone. I didn’t say you were difficult! I said I was difficult”

AND then a pick up of conversation of that conversation after New Years…again…my stupid inability to text, while drunk. He never did call.

But that’s neither here or there. Nothing really came of it. Just more meaningless banter.
But explain something to me, WHY on god’s green earth did he say he missed me? He doesn’t. Because if he did he would have been calling and setting up a time to meet. AND why didn’t I say something WITTIER than “easily rectified” I should have called him out on it. Part of me wants to drop him an email saying…wtf…why do men in general say that but yet it’s not true. All women want is the truth, it’s better than a lie. And now it’s too late. I have to ignore and put his number in the Z file so I can’t text him while I try and text other’s using the fancy What’s App thing.

I am an idiot. Got played.

And now that the Holiday Season is FINALLY behind us. Onwards to…..Valentines Day.

Part of me wants to hang myself at the most overrated, commercialized holiday of the year. Which only really sucks when you don’t have someone who has to say “I love you” on that day. Says all singletons everywhere.



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  1. He said he missed you because he hopes it will get him into your, uhm, boudoir area again…..

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