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I have to bitch about the following. Anyone who has tried to date off of online would understand.

1. Would it be rude if I were to bring out a measuring tape to prove to men exactly how tall they really are? Would it??? I’m 5’5″ and in two inch heels I’m 5’7″. That would mean if you say you are 5’11” you very well should be taller than me and not having to reach up to put your arm around my shoulders.

2. Dude. WHY are you trying to put your arm around my shoulders?  What on god’s green earth made you think we had any chemistry beyond intellectual. OH yes. you are a man. Girl smiles at you you think she wants to be naked. NO.

3.If you say you don’t smoke. Don’t ask me if it’s okay for you to go out and have half a cigarette!!! DEAL BREAKER. AND EWWWW DON’T TRY AND HUG ME!!!


Sorry for yelling. Just needed to vent. They aren’t bad men, they are just not my type.

This wasn’t with just one guy. This was over a myriad of guys. Yes I’m a dating whore. But I’m not kissing all of them. or ANY OF THEM for that matter. Just meet the goddamn criteria. I’m not superficial. I just know what I like and don’t like as a starting point.

UGH. Celibacy would NOT be good for me, or a vow of poverty. One of these days I’ll find someone worth meeting again.


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  1. The lying thing would piss me off. I know they’re just trying to get their foot in the door but if we haven’t even met yet and you’re already lying, bad sign.

  2. I met my husband online. la-va-life to be exact. But it was quite the trainwreck of a ride as I date Huey, Duey and Lewie and all the other tele-a-toon characters. Disaster after disaster. But I will say that when I decided to throw caution to the wind and treat online dating like a part-time job and just disconnected myself from the emotional side of it, I cared less (probably because I was dating so much, not kissing, just dating)…I finally met a few good ones. In a sea of bottom feeders. But all you need is one. (Or two.)

  3. Yes, the good ones are certainly the diamonds in the rough.

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