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That’s what the trivia night pals called Jacques after one night  of not even having to talk to him.  And these aren’t even my “go to” friends. These are my softball mates and going out for beers mates.

And I couldn’t agree more the more I think about it.  Kinda embarrassed actually that he even came last week, I totally knew it wasn’t his scene and I totally thought he would bail when I gave him the lo-down of the crappy bar, cheap beers, hipster friends who are chill. But no. He still came. And acted like a douche.

Thank god I got outta my head and recognized this on my own, just wish it was before last Tuesday night, but I least I recognized it at all.

Oh well. Can’t win them all.



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  1. Ugh – so sorry 😦 Don’t jump from one asshole to another! You deserve better than that and they’re not all that way. All boys are dumb, yes, but they’re not all jerks.

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