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Now that I’ve gotten outta my head. And Jacques is no longer texting me daily because he has nothing better to do in places like Iceland or France, I think it’s safe to say that this person is just here for the moment not for the long term.

We did have a date on Friday night. We cooked pasta from scratch and it was a fantastic time with good laughs and good chats. From the chats I’ve determined that Jacques is the consummate bachelor and he lives his life like that. I don’t think he does want to be “settled” or with one woman. He seems to have these generalized assumptions about women and how they behave and all of them are bitchy and complainers. Not to mention he views “settled” as a place in the suburbs – and he assumed (incorrectly) that’s what I would want. And being a typical French man he really didn’t believe me when I said no thank you. So. That was awesome to sit and listen too.

Needless to say, that was a turn off and all I needed to hear to get outta my head. I’m not going to try and defend the female gender and try to ignore that the closed minded Frenchman is lumpy me into those assumptions. But nor can I just sit by and accept them. Basically, after a week or things swishing in my head, I’m finally outta it. Que Sera. What will be will be.

At least for the last couple times we’ve met up it’s been a fun romp which I do deserve and was completely selfish in taking.

A totally different topic, but one that makes me completely sad. FilmGuy’s dog died unexpectedly this morning at 2am. The dog suffered from epilepsy however, everything had been going well. Apparently, the 7 year old pup growled at another dog, the dog barked and did not attack or do anything aggressive, the pup threw up, lied down and went to sleep.

I spent two years living (on and off) with the pup and had my own attachment to her, not to mention almost poisoned her myself when she found some xmas chocolate. But no matter how much I disliked the responsibility that the pup entailed, she was a cutie and always made me smile not to mention slept in my laundry basket almost every night we had her. What was really jarring was to hear FilmGuy sob. He’s decidedly out of town and wasn’t there and I think he’s going to feel guilty about that as well it’s the first time he’s experienced death of someone/something he loves. No matter our issues, I am not a cruel and unforgiving person and feel bad for FilmGuy and the loss of the pup, whom he loved more than anyone.

rip little stinker.

As always these sort of events, puts things into perspective. Nothing will change regarding the situation with FilmGuy, except maybe now he will truly understand loss. Not a lesson I wish on my worst enemy to learn of.


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  1. Loss of any pet is awful. And yay for you for having compassion for the film guy, because, shit, I am not sure I can muster it up;)

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