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Freedom, Freedom At Last

FilmGuy is out of the city. He twittered his departure. That’s how I know he left. That’s what I was waiting for.

Now I can join in on the fun with our mutual friends.

This WTC is going to continue to live large (and stop calling myself a WTC)!

According to a mutual friend, The Baker, FilmGuy alluded that me joinging trivia night was HIS idea. Of course he did.

Needless to say I wasn’t surprised.

So I calmly mentioned to the Baker how talking about me with him isn’t a good idea. Then I showed Baker the text. She was floored. She couldn’t believe it was the same guy. Then she apologized. I told her not to worry, she didn’t know, yup that’s him and that’s how he has been feeling towards me but not to worry…she wasn’t dating him so she’d more than likely never see that side, unless she were to date him, then the probability increases.

Now I have to try not betray the confidence in which FilmGuy stated how he didn’t like these people nor did he want to just hang out with him. Or how he doesn’t like beer. But now he’s drinking it in spades.

He’s just a liar about everything.  So…I just “meh” the whole thing.

Also thanks to twitter, he went to the football game in Seattle this past weekend – where he had “Sex in the champagne room with a honey bear”. I’m glad he’s moved on. Nor am I crass enough to tell the world when I’m getting action. Well…wait…does this blog count? Oh…I haven’t mentioned anything really yet.

I guess this means the fact that I don’t feel so bad about dating new men. Monsieur Frenchman in particular. But that’s it. Only dating so far. Fingers crossed on that front!

In the mean time, lets crank the music, pour the vino and have a dance party!!


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  1. If he’s POSTING about have sex on Twitter 1: What is he, 15? 2: It’s likely not true. 3: If it is true, he clearly doesn’t respect “honey bear” either. You’re not missing much.

    • I know I”m not missing much 🙂 I actually finally feel free that he no longer is in town. Mainly because he lives(d) four blocks from me. It’s liberating 🙂

      poor honey bear.

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