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I don’t want to change my phone number. But I just might have too. Especially if this keeps up from FilmGuy.


I cut out the “grow up FilmGuy” part because i used his name .

He then said this.


So that was an awesome way to end the evening. Not like I can ask Tim and put him in the middle. We both met Tim at the same time anyways. Just I was outta town the past four weeks and they have hung out since. If this is all true. Guess they weren’t really my friends.Guess I’m just going to have to get new friends.

I didn’t respond after that.


Nothing I could say.

He’s baiting me.

I’m not going to take the bait.


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  1. At least he is constantly reminding you as to why you ended it. Your best recourse is to completely ignore all his attempts at contacting you so he thinks you have changed your number. He will probably escalate for a while, but eventually he’ll stop being such a asshat.

  2. OK I have a lot to catch up on but yeah. Anyone like this isn’t worth your time EVER again. Seriously, people like this are so toxic and a waste of space. Whata jerk.

    • catch up short version – FilmGuy and I – 3.5 years. 2 living together. he asked me to move out of his apt. – i did. approx 1 year of attempted reconciliation inc counselling – counselling showed me what an emotionally abusive person he was to me and toxic for me. he wants marriage I’d rather not. he becomes bitter. and instead of hating the asshole, i just ignore him now. no point on giving him much thought unless venting here. that’s about it.

  3. Yep. That’s what your blog is for! I’m so glad you’re not involved in that mess anymore. Life’s too short for that bullshit and someone way better will come along and make you seriously wonder how the hell you thought someone like this jerk could have EVER made you happy to begin with.

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