The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Home. Finally.

After approximately 30 hours of travel time – inc. transfers, layovers and flight time, I finally made it home to YVR. The sun is sort of shining. it’s cold outside and the leaves are all different colours than when I left three weeks ago. I missed my city. More importantly, I missed living by myself.

So now I sit here alone, gazing out over English bay and a partial view of the mountains, wondering what I should do first…finish the cleaning/organizing that I didn’t finish before I left? go through mail? unpack and start laundry? or shower?

I’m going with shower as priority number 1!

THEN I can divulge into my adventures at the bar on Friday night and how I didn’t get home until Sunrise – or after the sun had rose?

Currently, it is fun to be single. And hopefully when the right man shows up, I’ll know. Also, I won’t settle for anything that I am not comfortable with. Gotta be true to myself. I am not getting any younger!

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