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So Far So Good

So far, I’ve been venting here about the ex, FilmGuy. In doing so I’ve been omitting a big change and bout of happiness. Partly because I don’t divulge my professional life here, for various reasons I’m sure most of you would understand. But the short version is, that five weeks ago I resigned from my job and started a new one in that time. So for the past two weeks I have been receiving training for my new role at the head office, and I have one week left. For the training, I am definitely NOT in Vancouver. I am in the southern western hemisphere diligently learning and working Monday to Friday and on the weekends am venturing out and seeing what this crazy windy city has to offer. Never fear, I’m taking a tan back with me to dreary, grey winter Vancouver in about a weeks time 🙂

I’m not going to lie. It’s a bit surreal all the events that have happened in the past five weeks. I quit my job and quit FilmGuy the same day. It just felt right. More importantly, I finally felt something decisive. I’ve been missing the confidence in my ability to make decisions. I do believe that is partly to FilmGuy’s ability to project his negativity and his issues on to me and in the process wearing down my soul for two years. So for some reason I finally feel confident in my ability and who I am. Now I just need to loose the 30lbs of baggage I gained the past two years because I decided to eat my feelings. But I digress.

The most important thing is that I am enjoying this new professional path. It corresponds with another thing that I’ve alluded to previously. The Frenchman. He does exist. We only met briefly prior to my departure. He travels a lot himself, and will be out of town upon my return. The good news is we email and keep in touch that way.

I have no expectations regarding this personal venture, other than I will stick to my guns, find confidence in my 30lbs overweight appearance and solace that a tall drink of handsome wants to kiss me.  His ego is very typically French so on the big scale, I’m not sure where that fits in my life. But for now, Frenchman fits perfectly kissing my lips and filling my inbox.


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