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Such a useless dick.

so the ex won’t grow up.

he continues to slander me on his twitter account. of course he doesn’t use my name. but he is specifically referencing events between us.

I’ve requested he just stop saying specific things about me, he says don’t read his twitter and don’t email him. well. stop saying things about me and i’ll stop emailing. Oh and he doesn’t want me to share the last email exchange because he knows it looks bad. WELL….hmmm…..

it’s taking all my power and adulthood to not retaliate. say things about him. yes I posted previously here. but in rebuttle.

I could say things about him. I could say that he is a bipolar asshole that 10 days ago was spouting ideas of marriage and when I responded never stormed off in a pout and starting tweeting angry little man thoughts. I could say that he’s an anti social asshole and for two years while we lived together he would rather sit on the couch at home with the dog than go out anywhere without the dog for longer than four hours. I could say that he is an undiagnosed manic depressive, bipolar asshole who doesn’t get that the reason why people are negative around him is because of him and the emotion he emits. I could say hes a selfish dick in bed. I could say that he has no sense of chivalry.

I could say that I wasted 9 months of my life because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. What a pansy I was. He obviously doesn’t give a flying rats ass.

But I won’t.


I just did.

Maybe that email exchange might find it to a public forum. By accident. Of course.


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  1. I think he is angry because you denied him what he wanted! I wish he would just take his toys and go home!

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