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Hypothetically speaking.

Hypothetically speaking – if the top brass at a growing company were to separate an important team from the corporate office to another building [not another floor] due to anticipated expansion. And say one member of that team is involved with all aspects of the company…say corporate and the team.

How effective would you say the communication is going to be especially where there already might be communication concerns in current environment?

ALSO there might only be ONE person who doesn’t travel as often as the other FOUR members of the team. Ergo that ONE person would be solo in an office for weeks at a time. With noone to talk to. Unless that person leaves the office and walks to the corporate office.

Of course work would get done. But also potential work would get missed as people forget about that ONE person and what they bring to the table.

Doesn’t this hypothetically sound like an awesome adventure?


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  1. That sounds horrible. 😦 *hugs*

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