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need more time

I think the statue of limitations has ended on my indecisiveness. i need to make a decsion.

Too bad I’m not ready.

FilmGuy is ready. Ready to walk away.

I’m not ready to commit. He hurt me so deep. He doesn’t completely understand and he then turns the table saying that he hurts just as bad and that I’ve hurt him and been critical of him. He wants me everyday. I am not available.

My life with FilmGuy would be an epic adventure. If only we could be forget the past and run right by the mundane aspects of life. Like the fact that he left me in the middle of the night to go to another girls house and those pesky dishes and bills.

AND we need to start talking about the bigger issues as opposed to the little issues at counselling. That is if we are continuing with that.

I need more time.

I don’t think I’m going to get it.


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  1. I have no words for you. Only hugs.

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