The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

random thoughts.

too much going on right now to even speak of the events that have happened the past couple weeks.

but here’s a thought [or a few for good measure]

– not sure if couples counselling will salvage the relationship with FilmGuy it might just give me closure and understanding of what happened. my ability to forgive enough to move forward may not be an ability I possess.

– my mother was driving me insane. I somehow became her pet project over the summer and I had no choice but to tell her to back the ‘eff” off. And I learned I cannot have her involved in my life – beyond letting her know I’m alive. period.

– FilmGuy has the same birthday as my mother.

– FilmGuy’s middle name is The Mechanics [aka Sexual Kryptonite] first name.

– The Mechanic’s middle name is the same name as my granddad’s name.

– not sure what i’m doing for thanksgiving [CDN thanksgiving is this weekend] except I know I’m not going to the family homestead. Nor am I going there for xmas. Need a plan for that one.

Just  a thought.

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