The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles


I swear to god romance is dead.

I agreed to a date with FilmGuy last weekend.
He took me to the Beach and brought a store bought picnic and blankets and candles and bevies. Sat by the log and watched the sunset from behind the trees. [Another beach a bit further west has a better view].

It was sweet and thought out.
But only AFTER I had told him that he needs to show me with actions about how he feels about me!

Saturday night. The Mechanic took me up north about 45mins drive outta town to a park. We got food from the grocery store and found a quiet seculded bluff to eat our dinner on the two HUGE blankets and watch the sunset over the water and the islands.

And The Mechanic is JUST a friend. There is no future there. Nada. Zilch. This is just a regular thought process for him.

Sunday night FilmGuy made dinner for me at his place. Filled with me setting the table and enduring the last half of the NYJest/Dallas Cowboys game.

Seriously. WTF.

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