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couples therapy

Why did i agree to this? Couples Therapy.

The thing that goes through my mind everytime I think about this phrase, the scene from “How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days” runs constantly through my head. If you don’t know what I’m talking about….you will just have to find it and watch.

The other thoughts I have racing through my mind.

  • FilmGuy asked me to move out.
  • FilmGuy has texted some god awful things to me since moving out.
  • FilmGuy took advantage of me.
  • FilmGuy made me feel like I had no voice
  • FilmGuy says he’s changed some of his negative behavoir, does a guy really change this quickly?
  • FilmGuy cheated on me. Just a kiss….lets see what you mean by JUST a kiss
  • I have been so hurt that I’ve built a wall to protect myself from him.
  • I am reluctant to open up to him.
  • I still love him. But is it love lost.
  • I do not trust him.
  • We still get along. We still laugh. We still have fun.
  • We tried this before and he bailed 7 days after the first session.

Bottom line.

He broke my heart. He broke my trust. He made me feel insignificant. He asked me to leave. So I did.

I just wonder if FilmGuy and I aren’t meant to be. If we aren’t as compatible as we thought. If he isn’t the one.

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