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he’s my kryptonite

it all started with a deflating air mattress and the need to get the spare bed available from the beach house.

I had rekindled an email exchanged with a long time ex boyf of mine. The Mechanic. He knows a bit of what has happened with FilmGuy and offered to  help move the mattress from Tsawwassen to Vancouver.

He still lives 45 minutes East from the city center of Vancouver in Langley. Tsawwassen is 40mins SW of Langley and 45mins S of Vancouver.

This offer is not one out of convience it’s one out of being a stand up friend who didn’t want to see me spending more money on moving vans and people and what not.

PLUS he had to basically go to the lion’s den with my mom and step-dad present.

It took him an hour to use his boy scout knot tying skills to secure the mattress and box spring to the roof of the SUV.  I stood by and looked pretty.

We then made the trek to downtown Vancouver. Removed the mattress and box spring from the top of the SUV to the lobby. And got everything up to the 9th floor apartment, except the box spring.

The Queen size box spring did not fit in the elevator. (Although my building manager said it should have as others have done it). The Mechanic looked at me and said “let’s go” and proceeded to push the box spring to the stair well. Up 9 flights of stairs he pushed and I pulled. Still wearing my work clothes and flip flops we made it the 9th floor and set up the bed.

Celebrated with beers and sat on the cooler as my couch still hasn’t arrived. We went for dinner and came back to my place. We haven’t seen each other in person in give or take 4-5 years and it was great to hang out with him and realize what I liked so much about him.

I’ve always admired Mechanic for being so comfortable in himself that nothing phases him and he doesn’t care what people think. He just does his own thing and if that means he’s solo, he’s solo. Me on the other hand is still all over the place and haven’t made a decision about what path I ultimately want to take in my life.

A few interesting facts of note:

  • Hiking and paddling has become the Mechanic’s new mistress.  I think that means he’s single.
  • He thinks that FilmGuy has a lot of nerve and he’s a douche. – I couldn’t agree more
  • The Mechanic is my sexual kryptonite. The physical attraction is epic and our physical relationship was never the issue between us. But I did show some restraint, decorum and lady like behaviour. And he in turn has manners.
  • I haven’t had that much sexual tension and want with any boyf’s since The Mechanic.

What’s the saying? The way to get over someone is to get under someone? hmmmmm I wonder if I should test that theory.

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