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letter to a “friend”

i spent my time for the last 6 to 7 months,  giving you support, listening to you freak out about wedding and whatnot, attend your wedding dress fitting when your supposed close friends bailed, organized your stagette because your wedding party lives out of town and can’t make a decision not to mention your supposed close friends who couldn’t shell out more than $20 for your party, housed your bridesmaid and her boyf at my place because no one else would [also wasn’t a big deal because she’s an awesome friend of mine and that’s how i met you], organized your big day, ran your big day, set up the entire place with some friends for your big day and then you take off for a three week honeymoon and not really anyone staying at your place. Not to mention the take out dinners I sprung for as a “wedding” gift and because I was all “you’ll get me back when you have a dime”.

Five days before your wedding my relationship tanks and i’m moving out. The last thing I wanted to do was attend a wedding not to mention run the damn thing.

Previously you have been there to offer support. Offered a place to crash if need be. Offered a shoulder.

So I tell you everything after the wedding. You offer your place up. Your new hubby does not want to have me there, that was fine.

I will admit. I did feel bitter. I did write you a message saying that I kind of resent the fact that you lead me to believe you would be there for me, that I’d have a place to crash for time during those weeks especially since the last six months I’ve endured endless discussions about you and your new steps in life.

I’ll admit since your return from honeymoon, i’ve crashed and fallen off the rocker, maybe I just leaned on you too hard. But I”m starting to get my spirit back and my life. Now you and your hubby to decide to freeze me out.

Call me out for making you feel guilty and trying to manipulate you when you offered your place, and I reminded you the time and effort into our friendship. I said to not make you feel guilty but to remind you that I was there for you. I put my time into making your day awesome.

Apparently our friendship wasn’t what I thought it was, not neccssarily what I “idealized”, your words not mine.

Get off your pedestal.

You wondered why I don’t really “chat” with your hubby and instead of telling the truth, I told a huge whopper of bs that you bought after way too much wine. The truth is your hubby sits and faces the computer instead of engaging in convo. so what do i have to talk to him about. I try and he turns around and faces the computer. He has a problem with me.

Nonetheless, you used me for your own gain to help you with your wedding. Promises of being there for me were false. I’ve had enough of people lying to me.

Not everyone is meant to be friends.

So. Another friend cleanse as I change and grow to determine the best for me.

Luckily, I do have some awesome people who have come crawling out of the woodwork whom I don’t see on a regular basis who have been there for me during this crap time. Even as I fall off my rocker. Now it’s time to get back on and pull myself up. Which I’m doing. No thanks to you.

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