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Yes, I would love to….

Yes, I would love to cut FilmGuy off. I already blocked him on Facebook and Twitter. Although the twitter block doesn’t work :S Why he cares so much about what i’m saying/tweeting…is beyond me.

Unfortunately, I still need email to deal with the business stuff until it’s finalized. Fingers crossed it will be done and filed by the end of the week. Even have a contracted worker to deliver the documentation and ensure signatures are done. I don’t want to see this EX at all. Cannot believe the direction it has turned. Anyone know how to block a phone number on a cell phone?

On a completely other note.

Yes, I would love to move into my new apt. [pics to follow….once i get furniture].

Yes, I would love to have a shot [or two] with ITGuy last friday night and pals to celebrate his bday and say…”no thank you” to his advances.

Yes, I would love to meet up for drinks with EnglishGuy on a Monday night. Stay out until 2am and go to work with a bit of a foggy brain.

Things can only get better from here. I shoulda woulda coulda done this months ago, but I didn’t.


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  1. Omigosh, the stuff you’ve been dealing with lately… it isn’t fair.

    • Sarah, i can’t even convey the half of it. I”m not perfect to say the least, however, i am hoping the non solicited text messages have ceased, it’s just making him look like a moron. OH and the best thing that happened over the weekend. He sent me a photo of the new girl he’s dating. Oh yes he did. AND he posted it on his twitter AND he texted me the night he was apparently having a “Hot date and sleepover”. AWESOME.

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