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never ending drama.

So. FilmGuy FINALLY gave me his response to some of the outstanding company issues. But only after this LOVELY little exchange of goodness via email today.


Could you please address the outstanding COMPANY issues that
I emailed to you about four weeks ago. 

In your last email regarding the outstanding issues you said you
would have word to me by last week with what you want to do.
Not to mention having the banking information in your name and the
appropriate documentation signed so that I am no longer
a part of this operation. 

Yes, you are away, I am aware of that.
You do have an obligation, however, as a business owner to
address these issues.

The decisions should be made by you prior to us meeting.
I am unavailable this weekend, sometime next week after 4pm 
is ideal.
Please note my time is getting booked up fast. 

My patience is pretty much used up with regards to this issue. 

Sent from my iPhone
6:06 PM
From FilmGuy
To Jewels

Piss off.
From FilmGuy
To Jewels

Try sticking your patience up your negative, miserable,
condescending ass and see if it fits.
From Jewels
To FilmGuy

There is no need to be rude.
I am trying to come to the table with decency.
Please do the same.

Please address the outstanding COMPANY issues.

Thank you,


Even though FilmGuy did respond to the outstanding issues from 4-5 weeks ago. I have still inquired about a lawyer through a guy from the new gig who specializes in douche bags and is knowledgeable about solving things quickly and more importantly, legally.

I am hoping to get this done for free or substantially below rate. I’d rather have it done correctly. This dissolution of responsibility is something I cannot afford to make a mistake on.

Hopefully by this time next week, I’ll be free of the douchey douchey douche bag.


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  1. fabulouslyinboston said:

    My god what an DICK. Good riddance. Hope you have that resolved with a quickness. what a gigantic asshole.

    • that’s kinda what the last two months we were together were constantly like. and it was intermittent like that for the last 12 months.
      i don’t care who you are. it takes a toll and drains you from all logic, reason and confidence.

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