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so. the talking has stopped…sort of. we still have things we need to discuss. mainly to do with the film company and mainly to do with getting my name off of the business license etc. it’s proving tougher than i thought to figure out. but i will figure it out.

and both parking tickets that i got in January from impark and dps  BOTH when i was with FilmGuy have gone into collection and now are ridiculous….thanks to the guy that tried to hide them in my glove box because they were “illegal”. it doesn’t matter it affects your CREDIT YOU EFFING MORON.

I picked up my mail today and he was all “hi, here you go” and then shut door. i’m surprised he just didn’t toss it out the window.

and somehow i feel like i’m the one who lost.


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  1. I know this is not helping right now…but A: Listen to Karma Killer a lot.
    B: Women. We are our worst enemy. On some level, I swear to god, our fathers fucked up so bad that even the really strong kick ass ones of us don’t believe 100% that we are wroth being loved properly. Don’t ask me why. I see it, I am the same way (but at least I have evidence of crazy father ;)…but you know what I mean.

    Dude. You deserve better.
    He’s the one who didn’t know what he had. and really, what a great opportunity for you to be with who you deserve. 🙂

  2. You. Didn’t. Lose.

    Refuse to take your name off the business license until he pays for your tickets.

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