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i cleared out the rest of my clothes from the apt. and spent an hour reorganizing the storage unit. finally out of the apt. although my bike is still in the garage and i have a building key.

so after i finally move my stuff out.

I’m defriended on FB again.

guess that whole friends after we dissolve our romantic relationship was a lie too?

he despises me.

all because i asked why couldn’t we have bought our tv from costco instead of stupid best buy? and the response i got…”i just wasn’t thinking clearly when i was with you”. or i think that’s why he despises me. or i just put whatever imaginary button there is and make him mad. awe. so sad.



my ego and pride feel great.

the relationship only abruptly ended three weeks ago.

four weeks ago he was trying to cuddle and be sweet and say sweet nothings in my ear.

what. a. dick.

now i have to get him to sign all the business papers so we can get that shit out of the way and i no longer have to hear him convey what an awful person i am for him or how is life is so awesome now that i’m not in it. because that is fun to listen to. oh please oh please let me drag this out longer so i can put myself in the position of self loathing, pity and hatred.

awesome right?

think i’m going to see the counselor that FilmGuyEx and I met with that one time. i hope he calls him an asshole. i’m just trying to be polite.

again. what. a. dick.


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  1. He wasn’t thinking clearly with you because HE checked out of life and the relationship, which explains why HE let the apartment go to shit.

    I’m sorry he’s being so mean to you. You don’t deserve that. I think an impartial listener such as the counselor will have you back on your feet in no time, although you sound like you have a pretty clear head now. Hugs.

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