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my time is precious

so…..i’m home early from the stagette.  well not entirely early. everything that the MOH , Bridesmaids and I had planned all went off without a hitch. It all happened when other girls wanted to depart the home we were at and venture in the real world.

Totally makes sense. I get it. All the more to you. But what I was losing my cool over was the girls who were pushing for the leave and change of venue were the girls who bitched and wined  most about no having money.

So. I decided to take back the extra bottles of champers in the fridge. A bottle of white and a bottle of red.  and leave the party.

apparently i had hit my breaking point. the bride was unaware for the most part of me leaving….just some other girls who figured out shit was going down. I just was unable to leave quickly as others were upset with me leaving. but i wasn’t doing the bride favours by being in a bad mood. I just was tired of some of her friends bitching and whining about money and then all of a sudden be willing to shell out dough for cover and booze at a club.

my patience was spent.

wouldn’t yours be spent if $20 was  apparently a big dip into the pockets?

i think after listening jods complain about these ladies for weeks and me being the supportive one, i decided to leave. i’ve had it. i walked away. i wasn’t going to enjoy myself and i wasn’t going to enjoy spending more money at the strip clubs or wherever.

I know the bride ‘s party met up with the groom’s party and they all had a great time. And that’s all that mattered. but i know for myself, there’s only so long i can feign enjoyment and i was pushing my limit.

so i left. it was the smart move for me and my bank account esp with going over budget and all. also, me being a burden to others good time would not be helping so i left.

my time in life is precious and it’s not worth me being in situations that i’m not happy to be in. this instance tonight was my breaking point. the bride will understand. that’s all who matters.

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