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I need to rant just a teeny tiny bit…I must warn…there is swearing. It’s a good thing these aren’t my friends.

I am assisting a bridesmaid, Jods in coordinating a stagette for our dear friend Esss.  It’s to happen in less than 14 days.

As a lot of the gals are strapped for cash these days and it’s nearly impossible to navigate this city and go to bars for a stagette with 13 girls, so we arranged for the majority of the evening to be an ‘at home’ kind of event. We know Miss Bride isn’t really going to be thrilled of not being able to harass unknown men for free kisses and pictures. But alas, her circle of friends don’t have deep pockets.

The At Home stagette was to include all decorations, party favours, nibbles, wine, champagne, Esss’s outfit and possibly a lil’ person ‘entertainer’ [which is what the bride ultimately wants]. Basically Esss wants a stagette that she has seen countless time in TV shows and movies. Thank you media manipulation for this. Basically we were requesting $50 from everyone….which would have paid for everything and keep things in surprise for an “entertainer” or a limo bus to the after party or SOMETHING.

The E vite went out some three to four weeks ago. In the past four days we’ve had multiple individuals all of a sudden change their “YES” to “MAYBE” then to “NO”.  Some of the reasons?

  • “$50 is too much….can’t i just bring my own booze and not eat or drink anything that’s there, I don’t even have a dollar to spend”  – but she just moved and spent $100 plus dollars on a brand new kitchen table and chairs because she had to have the zebra chairs. Why should you come and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s dime and labour. Grow a brain.
  • “She’s my best friend, it’s not fair that i can’t afford to go, I can just bring my own booze and not eat or drink anything else.” oh yes, lets segregate the stagette on who coughed up the money and who didn’t…because THAT’s FAIR? W.T.F. Grow a brain.
  • “I don’t have any money right now to put toward this, between the wedding gift, shower gift and I have to go to a wedding which I’m in” then why did you say YES originally when the price hasn’t CHANGED.
  • “I feel like a cheapo, but I don’t have $50, but I am crafty and I can make a fascinator/hat for you three putting this on”.  seriously? i don’t need a fucking hat.

ummmm….WTF. Esss is throwing a wedding for you bitches to attend and she’s swirling the toilet on the CC to pay for you guys to eat, drink and be merry and you can’t be bothered to show up for the shower on time or at all and $50 is too expensive for a Stagette? It’s not like this is another House Party!

OH and it turns out that these are the same ladies who said “YES” to going to a Bar for one of the Bridesmaid’s [whose from out of town] bday party two nights AFTER the stagette. WHO WANTS TO THROW A SHIT FIT??? Just how much do you think they will drop at the bar for a friends birthday but can’t be bothered to help for the stagette. anyone? GUESSES?

AND the boyz are charging $50 and all you get is a lousy t-shirt and the Groom gets some sort of woman entertainer.

So now we are charging $20 each [because $30 was too much], which barely covers [read DOES NOT cover] all the decorations, prizes, 3 bottles of champagne for a toast, cupcake mix, Esss’s outfit and one bag of chips. AND WE ARE STILL GETTING PUSH BACK ON THAT AMOUNT.  We are sacrificing the night so we can have people attend…and omg I hope people attend. AND I HOPE THEY SHOW THE FUCK UP ON TIME.

I cannot talk to these people anymore without being passive aggressive. So I choose not to say anything. I love the bride but these friends of hers are ridonkulous. It’s not like we are asking for you to spend the entire weekend doing multiple events…like SOME past stagette experiences.  I draw the limit at $100.

I feel better now.

Now just hoping the wedding doesn’t become a shit show and have the cops called as there are some interesting attendees who obviously don’t get that these are events not your personal pleasure trove. One of these girls is the bridesmaid whose throwing the birthday at the bar. Who the Fuck are these people?


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  1. It sounds like you made the best compromise you could have by asking for less. But those people who asked if they could just not eat the food? Classy.

    • i know right? not to mention enjoy the decor and festivities and party favours and games. ya. all classsss.

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