The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

and people just ruin it.

so i had a nice hook up for inexpensive hockey tickets. if you know anything about this town, hockey tickets are expensive. HAD being key word here.

FilmGuy and I have been purchasing the 2 tickets allowed for every playoff game. We can’t always make it, but instead of reselling to the highest bidder we usually distribute to a friend.

well i distributed to a co-worker/friend who has a high management position at the company. unbeknown to me she had received tickets from the CEO as well. and instead of returning the tickets to me so i could sell them to others in line, she takes all four and offers them to her husband and his brother while her daughter and her sit in the company seats.


apparently they were up in the balcony and it’s the place where “PLEASE DO NOT LEAN FORWARD” is written on the railings clear as day. These two yahoos continued to ignore the message and the arena’s Host kept repeatedly telling them to lean back. Throughout the entire game. He was the Host Nazi. Whatever you are a guest you lean back and LEARN and DON”T DO IT AGAIN. Well can you guess that didn’t happen?


Brother In Law got lippy with the Host. Not sure what was said nor how it was said but it resulted with him getting ejected from the arena. Then the hubby leaned forward after his BIL left. And when then Host started to walk up to him….he got up and left without saying a word.

The Host wrote up an incident report. The incident report checks who owns the tickets. My Mom’s work knows the tickets were purchased in her name.

RESULT – My mom [me and our family] no longer have access to these tickets. My mom’s reputation is not that stellar with management anymore.

LESSON – when they say don’t give them away, if you can’t go, give them back. I’m giving them back in all future ticket purchases. Because you never know if a DOUCHEBAG is going to get your ticket and black ball your NAME from the SPORTING EVENT at that ARENA!!!!!!

So now I”m writing a letter of apology to my mom’s boss and explaining what happend and how I would never anticipated that the High Up Accountant person’s 50 year old Hubby and his Brother would act like complete and utter morons and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused with the hockey organization and I am deeply embarrassed for their behavior  and that i now understand why giving the tickets away or the idea of selling them is a bad idea.


What. A. Dumb. FUCK.

UPDATE: I should have never given her the tickets. I should have just found a date and gone myself. It’s my own fault for losing the option to buy…lesson learned.

UPDATE x2: So i spoke with my mom’s boss. more like threw myself on the mercy of the court with no ego nor pride and a whole bunch of humility at the behavior of the individuals who wound up with my moms tickets. basically the good news is that the privileged will be reinstated. the bad news…it’s not reinstated until after this season is over.  missing the opportunity for seeing the stanley cup finals.


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