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i just received an email. i don’t believe i have mentioned him in historic postings but this email is worth the print.

A little backstory is required before i get to the email. DonJuan is from Columbia and resides somewhere in the suburbs. We met randomly at a bar in Vancouver  one week night. A little bit of salsa dancing and a little bit of  laughter later, we went out on a few dates. It didn’t last long as our paths in life are truly different.  It didn’t end badly but it just ended before the end of 2008.

Then on the day of my thirtieth birthday he called me and invited me to his housewarming party in North Delta. Although sweet to invite me, i already had plans and it felt a little awkward for me because he called out of the blue.

Well…he emailed me this time. Almost two years to the day the last time I spoke with him. This is what he wrote:

I don’t think you would remember me, we used to go out a couple of years ago and I thought (out of the blue, i know) to say hi and send a couple of lines.
I’m writing you because when I remember our last conversation I fall apart inside. Your words still echo in my mind so I’m hoping you would get this and forgive me. I didn’t talk to you my feelings at the moment and I was blinded. You are worth it Jewels, i was just immature to not speak my mind. thanks you and i’m sorry

English is his second language so I can’t fault him for grammar and spelling…English is my first language and I can’t boast good grammar and spelling.
What is interesting, I do not recall what words I said that have stuck in his mind and I wonder if he’s confused me with some other girl. Regardless if he’s got the right girl or not, it is very nice of him.
Now the quandary, to respond or not respond?
I think it would be polite to respond and bitchy not to. But what to say?

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  1. You have to respond. He’s seeking forgiveness and if you can’t be bothered to remember what you said, then obviously you forgive him.

    (And add a little jab about how you’re living with someone now. Let him eat his heart out!)

    • Jewels said:

      hahah it’s not that I can’t be bothered to remember it’s just that i really don’t recall any of our parting conversation as we only dated for such a short time. i wonder if he’s even got the right girl? i’m definitely flattered….will respond…in a couple of days. I’m sooooo busy and all 🙂

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