The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

i hate….i love….

i hate that i feel like i’m disconnected to NewMan [currently trying to re-connect as i type].

i hate that i haven’t travelled to an awesome destination since my journey to Egypt and London in 2009.

i hate that NewMan is travelling for work every couple weeks to a random place in the USA. And not the tourist destinations of USA…more like the “as seen on tv – backwater redneck hickvilles where everyone carries a gun and doesn’t know where Canada is” USA.

i love that my mother and i found sheer curtains for $9 at a second hand store.

i love that i know for the next year i don’t have to worry about eating only KD and hot dogs. stock options are great.

i love that i pay cheap rent.

i love that the home  i share with NewMan is starting to feel like our home to me. only took 1.5 years.

i love that our puppy is a part time puppy shared with his ex. this means i don’t have to deal with puppy when NewMan is away. Pros and cons.

i love that i have a job.

i love that i have made the decision to return to school and gradually learn new things [and is also a good tax deduction].

i love that my girls came over this past friday and NewMan vacated 🙂

i love that i’m able to run for 3 minutes and walk for 1 min for a total of 3 KM. i also love that i am not good at math and therefore cannot tell you how many miles that is.

so glad that there is more love than hate.


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  1. That’s how I started running! Keep at it.

    I love your loves.

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