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As 2010 comes to close, I notice a few things in my life and in myself that have changed.

I blog less. Not intentionally. It’s just that I have been learning to resolve frustrations and participate in celebrations within myself and have been less inclined to share to the online world. I think this has something to do with Newman being a private person. And with private person, I mean not spilling the laundry [clean or dirty] out for everyone to know. That has also limited my shoulder leaning on friendsssss. I learned the lesson in 2009 that not all friends are gonna have your back, nor want to, so I keep my leaning to those select few.

Also, I am not sure if I mentioned my little blog world to Newman when we started dating – when we moved in together. I think I’m kind of nervous he might “find” this. But then he would need a mighty brilliant search engine to find this. Or access to my computer.

Living with a boy has not been easy. Since last January there have been plenty of moments where I really wanted to move out. Give up. Terminate this relationship. But there have been other moments that have been spectacular, wonderful, pleasant. They say that the first year is the hardest when living together. Good god I hope so.

I have a career which has stalled. There is not a lot I can do. This is the nature of what I do. Making maps and building/managing databases. Seriously boring. It is so boring I am looking for a new job, but I’m not sure I can handle a job in the same field. Nothing is different. This is my third company in four years and the last mentor I had was great but him being in Nevada wasn’t conducive to learning and growing in my field. So at 31 I’m at a standstill with that. Now I have to go re-educate myself with AutoCAD which is a drafting program. NOT a geographic program. This is definitely not the direction I wish to go with my life. So. I’m job hunting. yet. again.

Running. Dear lord how many times have I stopped/started running. I’m trying this again. I usually get in the groove then something comes up. You know. Life. Time to start again. Currently, i can’t find my headband thingy that keeps my ears warm. And even though it’s gorgeous out in Vancouver right now. It’s too fricking cold to go running outside without a headband thingy not to mention the whole coughing because it’s too cold. But I’ll try again.

Travel. Newman and I have been to four Seattle Seahawks game in the past six months. It’s been pricey but worth it. Sitting in a car for four hours is like four hours of counselling hours where all you can do is talk. Actually spending time with each other rather than just hanging out on the couch or puttering around the apt in our own routine. Breaking up the routine has been smart for us. I know I want to travel more. It’s one of my top things to do.

Currently we are planning to go to Whistler for 5 days. I’ve booked snowboarding lessons for 3 days. I’ve never been a fan of mountain sports. Been bread not to like the cold. But I figure when wearing the right gear. The snow can’t be that bad. Right? Should be fun. Then the rest of the winter I’ll board at the local mountains and probably one more day at Whistler. That is. If I like it.

There are plans to travel to Maui to bike down Mt. Haleakaka and find some cliff for Newman to drop off of…if that’s possible.  Then there is Switzerland next winter. Not to mention another football game in a different city than Seattle…..say….New York for example. Not sure what lottery we are winning to afford all this, but somehow we’ll make it happen.

In the mean time, taking it easy this evening to bring in the New Year, as last year we went to the Commodore and partied it up a bit. Too bad I feel like dancing and boozing….doesn’t really coordinate with the plans. Bah, NYE has a history of being disappointing. I have better times on nights that aren’t planned. I’m just going to roll with this one.

Happy New Year to you all! Let’s see if I have more to say in the new year.





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  1. Happy New Year to you! Your plans sound exciting!

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