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so i went out of town for work. leaving my man at home to fend for himself for five days. this would normally be okay. but i’ve now returned home to a man who has said “i don’t want to drink anymore. ever” now. i’m actually impressed, because months ago [when we both were unemployed] I would have bordered on wondering if I could stay with a guy who socially drinks way more than I. Lately we hit a god rhythm of social activities and a cocktail or two. Now i wonder if I can handle a guy who doesn’t even want to have a cocktail at all. even at a party. say a wedding.

don’t get me wrong, my man and I have a grand time sober and a fun time sober. but we’ve had epic adventures definitely related to the consumption of alcohol.

only time will see how it plays out.  like the time my man said he no longer wanted to eat breads but two weeks later asked for hot dog buns and hamburger buns. i do support his decisions and there’s lots of benefits to this sure, health – mental – physical. needless to say this shall be interesting.  yes you don’t need alcohol to have a good time and I do a many things without the aid of a cocktail. but sometimes. a cocktail or five are warranted no? am i wrong?


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  1. cocoaval said:

    That IS an interesting twist! An impressive venture by him, but yes, could be difficult with only one of you doing it. I hope it all plays out oki-doki for you both!

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