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What’s UP!

Okay…i know i said i’d try and blog more, but i’ve been busy. uber busy. trying to get the film stuff up and running with FilmGuy. busy working hard at my job to keep my job especially with the big presentation this past friday to the big honcho guys. so that was good.

so work wise, moving along.

relationship wise. relationships need work sometimes. you put in the work and then everything comes up roses for a few weeks/months and hopefully years. ultimately i’m still a smitten kitten and it makes me want to throw up a bit, because as my Best Friend told me… I was never that smitten girl or as content or as happy as i am with this guy. *sigh* i just have to give in and stop fighting the path that is laying itself out before me. It’s a pretty good one. Now, if there was only a handbook on how to live and deal with a creative person – whose sign is a CANCER and I’m a GEMINI. if you are familiar with astrology. that’s a good idea on to how my life is. And today…it’s good.

I must say I do work at being Happy. Finding out what I enjoy and what makes me happy has been an interesting journey for me to embark on. A journey that came out of necessity and out of want. I am again being challenged in my work life, which is better then boredom and that makes me happy. I am happy with the fact that I have a roof over my head and food on the table. Thanks in part to FilmGuy and the life that is beginning to take shape. slowly but surely.

Things will all work out. right? RIGHT?

okay…back tot he path of learning how to cook. I’m starving.



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  1. Sounds very good. As long as both of you are working at the relationship, then you will be enjoying way more roses than thorns. 😛

    • definitely gotta keep working at it. but in Jewels fashion I can say something that inadvertently rocks the boat and those thorns pop up and stab you right in the heart. I’m learning to go with the flow so i can avoid those pesky thorns 😀

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