The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

the man’s away for the weekend, it’s time for Jewels to play. well not really. more like chill with the place all to myself. i have always said that since you pay so much to live in Vancouver, you should just enjoy your apartment sometimes.  Tonight that is what i’m doing.

the man when to visit his family on Vancouver island this weekend [and take advantage of Mount Washington having one run open to snowboard for two days. yes. snowboard]. I didn’t feel like my primary reason for going to be dog sitter. [yes he took his dog]. so i get to sit at home and be here. and i’m perfectly content with that.

i’ve already been to home depot. i am trying to hang the man’s old snowboard [that he refuses to get rid of. hoarder]. as we are running out of room i’ve bought a coat hook thingy for the wall right by the door to hang things on. you know. the dog’s leash, a jacket and it has a lovely shelf above it to put sunglasses, keys etc. all things that my man looses in the apt on.  I found the drill. I found the drill bits for screwing [hehehe] but there are no drill bits to drill a hole. this is interesting. after the texting convo I’m having with my man, i’m not sure he even knows what I’m inquiring about. which is not surprising as there was a disclaimer about his inability to be handy around the house given to me before serious dating commenced. i was proud of him when he hammered to nails in the wall and hung his bulletin board. he was amazed that I put a sturdy hook in the bathroom for towels and changed the shower head. it makes me chuckle. and I’m probably getting all the terminology wrong.

so for now I’m trying to figure out how i’m supposed to drill a hole with a “screw” drill bit instead of a “hole” drill bit. but at least I can now put the feet on his couch. I know he doesn’t want that, but whatever, I’m gonna do it. besides, lets see if he can figure out reverse on the drill [hehehehe, ahhh….he makes me laugh].

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