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the olympics are over

the olympics are over. a few points on this day before i crash after drinking WAY too much.

  • Canada has won the most gold medals than any other countries in the history of the olympic games.
  • my man went to mcdonalds and got me a mcchicken and still asked for some loonies to cover the cost.  ya i know.
  • 4-6 hours later the party on robson street has not subsided.
  • German house went through more beer here in Vancouver than at the past two Olympics. They had to order additional beer from Germany, at two different occasions in a 16 day period.
  • I am currently drunk from my afternoon debauchery. Must crash.
  • Saw canadian women short track speed skaters win a silver medal.
  • Uber pictures are a bout, must find them from different peoples cameras, then post.
  • Realized that Canada needs to invent some cheers or other songs to sing as the Canadian national anthem, although good, gets old the 70th time you hear it walking along granville and robson.
  • the closing ceremonies was about satire comedy, not sure if the world got it. Some of the performances were from artists circa ANCIENT and two years ago. Way to stay current VANOC.
  • I did not make it to my last volunteer shift….does that make me unpatriotic?
  • Can’t wait to see what the world says about SOCHI 2014 and it’s inability to produce snow?
  • currently writing a post to summarize my experience of 2010 vancouver. Lets see if i finish i

Come again World! just not all at once. I’d like my bus back on it’s normal route.

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