The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

when did it become February?

i had this all written up and then my brand new MacBook Pro disconnected from the internet but said it was still connected via wifi. And now I don’t have time to write everythign again.


I have my fourth cold since Sept.

I am volunteering for the Olympics at UBC Arena and get to watch the Women’s Ice Hockey. Cool.

I have a 6 week contract of paid work in my career as a GIS person. With the possibility of longer.

I am still working at my part time COACH job.

FilmGuy and I started a film production company this month TOO.

This is going to continue for the next 17 days. I am counting down. And I forgot I am trying to train for the sun run.

I am going crazy and definitely sleep deprived. It wouldn’t be so bad except for this cold. I’m blaming my 3 month old nephew. No? not good? too bad.

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