The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Is this a Xmas season high?

Despite the fact that I’m unemployed…well career unemployed,  I’m pretty darn content. Sure my mother still drives me completely bonkers, but whose doesn’t?

I know some previous posts have been questioning things and my life’s direction. I cannot lie those thoughts are sometimes still there, but the good is outweighing the ugly.

The lack of mental stimulus was putting me in a crappy place. So there are some things that I want to do that would be mentally stimulating. Like learning how to program in CSS and Adobe CS3. But for me it’s hard to motivate without a goal or desire. I don’t have any desire to design my own website…er…blog. So now I’m looking for a project I guess just for kicks. There are a few ideas, but believe you me it’ll be awhile before anything becomes “published”.

The part time retail job at COACH is pretty interesting so far [not to mention cheaper then therapy…read – %50 discount people] and constant people interaction. I am surprised that I’m completely relaxed at this job. I’m not stressed even though I have never done retail. EVER. Nothing like a Christmas crash course. :S

Other than that, I’m networking my butt off.  Attending events [all of which are free] and finally meeting people face to face whom I’ve corresponded via email for the last three years. It’s been interesting to hear of what’s going on in the mining/exploration industry. It’s time for cold calling and knocking on doors, which I was really trying to avoid. It is the inevitable I guess, so I’ll do it.

Back to the NewMan – did I neglect to mention the $8 tulips in winter????? oh yes he did! silly to buy tulips this time of year, but he did. Makes me smile. 😀

I love how it took him 12 hours to notice that I put up the three foot tall fake Christmas tree I searched and rescued out of our storage locker and the wreath on the apt. door. He’s a man.

Also I’m ridiculously proud of NewMan’s professional accomplishments as well. He is the Film industry and is making great contacts himself and promising employment in the new year. It’s moving along at a really nice pace.

It’s  incredible to me that this is where I am. I never thought I could love [and at times hate, but mostly love] someone so much.

He is completely infuriating, but then at the moment I’m about to get annoyed and upset he does something so foolish and juvenile that you can’t help but laugh, because he is funny. Yes. He’s that guy who can get away with being a bit of a jerk. Infuriating but you can’t help but laugh at. Which is what I get to do, every single day.

Now. If I could just get him to put his dishes in the dishwasher and rinse a pot when he’s done cooking then I think the love quotient would explode out of this teeny tiny 800sq ft apartment.

I truly hope that this upbeat and goodwill is sustained into the new year.

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