The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles


I am working on patience. But I must say that when the departure time to go to a pretty big event is 10pm and you are ready to go at 9:45pm, why is that the cue for NewMan to start getting ready? When I say start, I mean, Step 1 is having a shower and shaving for the big opening night.


I’m learning patience.

Oh and the shoes I was going to wear…very cute black and silver polka dots with a black bow….are not condusive to a stand up and chat gala. Therefore…red patent leather peep toe steve maddens it is!


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  1. Red leather peeps sound SEXY!

  2. tallredamanda said:

    No shoe photos? Really? You don’t love us anymore… 😉

  3. Sean does that too…the whole starting to shower thing 15 minutes before we’re supposed to leave. REALLY annoying. Now, I actually tell him when to shower…that’s what happens when you live with someone for years. You know exactly how long it takes them to get ready and you also can anticipate their procrastination!

    PS – Both shoes sound adorable!

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