The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

So I’m coming up on two months of looking for work. I must say that there really isn’t a lot of work options out there to look at. But I”m keeping my fingers crossed that SOMETHING will present itself. 

 In the mean time, I have been keeping myself occupied [most days].

Currently I’m trying to sell NewMan’s couch. We currently have three couches and it’s becoming an annoyance that NewMan didn’t try and get rid of this thing PRIOR to me moving in. But that is really a non issue right? And my bestest friend, PhD, who is married, did mention that I will end up having to do that. Because I’m a girl and he’s a boy. Yeah. Great. Thanks PhD.

Other than that, I still have rubbermaid containers I have to deal with and stuff I still need to sell. now that I have internet I can upload the pics and get it organized. but this couch isn’t really condusive for me to sit at on a daily basis and program script, or create a database or type an email. It has however, created a great place to laydown and watch my favorite TV shows the day after they air on cable. YAY.

If I complain to NewMan he will say, “well you could have sold your couch”

And yes. I could have. I had a buyer. But my couch is just as old as NewMans Chocolate brown Ikea couch [two years] and it was more than double what the Ikea couch was. So. I couldn’t justify it, I couldn’t part with it. I loved it too much to sell. Or maybe I should have just asked for more money. *sigh* nah. I love it too much.

So now I sit awkwardly on the Ikea couch blogging away with no motivation to start ebaying all the nice stuff  crap I have to get rid of so there will be less clutter. Who knew NewMan was so against clutter?

our living room. the couch in the fore ground is the one we need to sell.

our living room. the couch in the fore ground is the one we need to sell.

Crossing fingers that crazy OCD artistic Gemini won’t tick off the nutty OCD Cancer. To appease the clutter, I have begun to bake and bake and bake. Therefore I have started running again with more determination as a result. Currently at 30min every other day. Hopefully to combat the baking. Todays masterpiece: Peach and Apple Pie.

Warm peach and apple pie.... YUMMMY

Warm peach and apple pie.... YUMMMY

If I could only share with you the aroma.


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  1. Mmmmmmm that apple pie looks AMAZING. Pretty sure it could solve the world’s problems.

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