The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Oh I’ve been busy and without internet. It’s been driving me a bit batty!!! The good news is that Internet is to be hooked up on Monday. Cable to be hooked up on the 24th….so far away. But at least I’ll have internet.

Life has been moving pretty fast and aside from not finding my ultimate dream job [or any job at this moment] I’m pretty stinking happy. The season has ended  on those peeps that are only there for moments in your life. When sh*t hits the fan, it’s pretty clear who is there for you and who isn’t.

I’m very lucky to have NewMan in my world. I can’t believe how much I giggle everyday. In fact…NewMan mentions that I giggle a lot. It’s not my fault that the 5 o’clock shadow tickles my neck, not to mention he’s quite funny. Too bad I haven’t been sleeping all the well and have been a tad grumpy. I attribute it to lack of blogging.

So now I job hunt for the perfect job and wait for ever for my EI to kick in, but they are waiting for me to be broke before they want to give me [or anyone whose been laid off for that matter] any money.

All in all, it’s pretty fun times.


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  1. OMG, I can’t believe you updated and did not clearly spell out if you are living together!!!

    • OMG I didn’t??? I thought I did in the previous post…well…yes we are living together and things are going well. Whatever anxiety I had a month ago has disappated as we talked and talked and talked all through the month of August. Everything is working so far. KNOCK ON WOOD!!!

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