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so little time.

I’m still alive. I’ve been busy….er….distracted…er…busy…hmmm both.

Currently, I’m writing to you from some random hallway at the San Diego Conference Center [SDCC] where I am attending…oddly enough…a conference. It’s been interesting so far. Haven’t learning much yet really. Nothing too eye opening as of yet, but maybe that’s because I’m hard to impress? I’m more impressed with the free pass to the House of Blues for tonight after I go to the Canada Night social.

All these social events and the one person whom I want to share all this with is not here. NewMan could have come and joined me, but that might have been reciepe for disaster. aka. me not hitting the highly expensive conference. It’s only Tuesday and it’s been non stop down here since arriving last Friday.

The big thing is that I’m tired. I’m exhausted. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s the fact that I left my light capri pants and pajamas at home in Vancouver. Maybe it’s not enough fruits and veggies as I can’t seem to find a salad place anywhere in downtown Gaslamp district San Diego. I don’t know really.

It is pretty amazing to think that there are close to 11,000 people as much of a geogeek as I am.


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  1. Can I have the password? Pretty please with a cherry?

  2. I wish I was in San Diego…

    and share the password love!

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