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the dan band

NewMan and I saw the dan band at the Commodore ballroom Saturday night in celebration of NewMan’s birthday [which coincidentally is the same bday as my mothers, but that’s another topic for another time].


The opening “band” [read- guy with guitar and a girl with a cello] was HORRIBLE. Everyone was booing them and it was 10:00pm and the danband hadn’t even hit the stage yet. The guy just sucked ass. So much so, I don’t even know his name. I can’t remember it after the 6, yes 6, double rum and cokes I consumed. Somehow I matched NewMan drink for drink. He [6’3″ and a couple added pounds] was still standing…me…[5’5″ with my own junk] was nicely drunk. so much so, if I had anymore, NewMan would have been carrying my sorry ass home.

The dan band finally came on stage about 10:30 opening with a tribute to ABBA, then seaguewayed into some nice 80s and 90s songs with a mix of Beyonce thrown in. Oh to clarify, the dan band is lead by a guy named dan [pretty thought provoking eh?] who has two back up singers [both men] and add some cheesy choreography and only singing songs sung originally by women…it’s gold. Honestly, it’s hard to explain, better if you check it out for yourself!


NewMan and I had a blast…enjoying drinks and laughs…and of course being together…yeah the cheese, I see it…but I can’t stop….I’m doing all I can to contain the urge to jump up and down on couches and shouting out loud. Be grateful I”m only typing.


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  1. ABBA? Haha! Would love to see that!

    Glad you had fun 🙂

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