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Getting There

It’s only been three weeks since I turned the big 3-0. It feels like a lot more. Considering all the drama that has happened [refer to previous posts, i don’t need to relive it].

I must admit things are better and although the circles intertwine with those people previously mentioned, I think my world is going in a slightly different direction anyways. And it’s okay. I’m getting there slowly to where I want to be.

Ask me where there is and I don’t think I could tell you at this moment, but it’s not necessarily here.

No. I’m not talking my physical residence of Vancouver, BC.

I’m talking about who I am.

We’ve all asked the quesitons repeatedly over the course of our lives and will continue for as long as we live.

“Who am I?”

“Am I happy?”

“Is this where I want to be?”

I’m there. Now to better myself to change to be the person that I know I am, and that others haven’t yet seen. Others who I haven’t even met yet. Like attracts like. And right now…I like who I am attracting.


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  1. Such a positive note. And so true!

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