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Yup it’s broken.

Broken Toe.

Now what?

Lots of situps with feet in air? whoot. exciting.

Possibly the stupidest injury ever. You can’t do ANYTHING. And there is nothing can be done for you.

I’m on crutches to help carry the weight…but the pain oh the pain. Situps will be easy after dealing with this little injury.

Might go to one crutch…maybe.

The lesson learned from all this? One bottle of champagne okay…Two….not good. Because I don’t know what I did to my foot and I also can’t remember most of the fun stuff and conversations of the night.

But now I’m 30.


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  1. RedCurlGirl said:

    I broke my toe in college and you’re right–it’s the dumbest damn injury known to man. it’s stunning that such a small appendage could be such a huge inconvenience when broken!

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