The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Task Accomplished.

What a crazy great night! Overall anyways.
Amazing friends, amazing eats and way too much to drink.
No I did not hug the toilet nor was I really hungover. I was just tired.

I just really wish I remember what happened between opening the gifts such as:

Yes there are pics of me wearing the “Blow Job Kit” items. They included a hair net, plastic apron and latex gloves. NO i’m not posting a pic of that. I like my everyday career path thank you. And I know what else was in that bag before others in the room and therefore I drank out of the bottle.

Texting friends at some time in the morning which I don’t remember:

and eventually an in-depth convo with a friend that shouldn’t have even happened especially lasting for four hours…it was a bit too emotional for the drunk girl that didn’t understand why everyone left my party at 1am and why all of a sudden we didn’t go to the club. Yup. I was blasted. Too much Champange too fast. BUt if you saw what big black thing was in the bottom of that gift bag…you would have drunk heavily too.
And the best part is. The guy I like called at 4:30am and it was a good conversation.
I broke my toe. And noone can actually tell me how i did it…but i do remember i hurt my foot.

So now my foot is asleep with a broken toe and not enough drugs to get me through the pain.
I’m still tired and possibly hungover.
Overall it was one of the most eventful birthdays ever.
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