The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

I’m back in Vancouver.


So many stories and so little time to write right now. 11 days in Egypt, from Cairo to Aswan to Edfu to Luxor to Hurghada and back to Cairo. Then 4 days in London, England. Amazing sites and sounds and everything you could imagine. Although, even with all the geological mapping of the rocks and gold, the fact that man built all of these temples and pyramids, I still think it’s unreal and wonder if it is true….that in fact aliens played a role…hmmmm…. [j/k…kind of].

However, here are a few pics to satisfy your curiosity šŸ™‚

Giza Pyramids
Temple of Isis [I think]
Dancing the night away on the cruise “ship”
Temple of Karnak

More pics and stories to come.

I have to figure out what time zone I’m in and get ready for campingthis weekend in Salmon Arm, BC.
Summer is almost here

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